Beam with unstoppable confidence & Attract Amazing People Into YOUR LIFE

(Without feeling like a fraud, crippled by self doubt and afraid of rejection and what other people think especially your family)

Taking MASSIVE ACTION is the key to having choice in your dating life, you know it and I know it.

The biggest roadblock to action is how much your own feelings and other peoples opinions rule over your decision making.

How much longer do you want others to rule how you show up in the world?

Your lack of confidence and fear of being judged is robbing you of who you could be and what your life could be like.


It is stopping you from asking people you're interested out on a date

It is stopping you owning who you are in your interactions so people can fall in love with the real you

It is stopping you going >owning who you are in your interactions so people can fall in love with the real youout on dates and enjoying being around the opposite sex.

It is stopping you from living the life you want and being in the relationships you want [not to mention all the adventures you're missing out on].

It is stopping you from feeling good about yourself, as you're constantly HYPER VIGILIANT at the thought that anything you may do, or say, could be used against you in the court of life.

Heck it probably stopped you most of your life from thinking that there is anybody out there who will like you for you. is keeping you firmly anchored to something you WILL NEVER CONTROL...

Other people & their vastly different self serving values/opinions/expectations.

Your relationships and life are urging you to play bigger. Move forward with courage and confidence, and start connecting and attracting amazing people.


You Don't Lack Confidence.

Your inability to be confident in this area or all areas of your life is the result of poor LEARNING [which means it can be UNLEARNED] and having beliefs/ideas about yourself and the world that keep you stifled from your natural self-confidence.

Self Confidence is the ability to be 'confident' in face of the unknown.

 You don't lack confidence, you just haven't LEARNED how to be SELF CONFIDENT....yet

Criticism & Rejection Can't Be Avoided.

If you're going to go after what you want then criticism and rejection are part of the package.

What isn't a part of the package [or at least doesn't have to be] is how those things impact your ability to take action or feel about yourself.

When criticism & rejection no longer feel personal, both become mechanisms for FEEDBACK that you can use to catapult your growth and get even better results.


You are Attractive

As the wise Self Development guru Dr Seuss once said.

'There is nobody youer than you'.

What makes you unique can a powerful magnetic force to attract high quality partners and relationships like moths to flames and to repel those who you'd never want to be around or be in a relationship with in the first place.

The more freedom you have inside to be you, the more you can bring YOU to your relationships.


You need an unfair edge

Anyone can have an unfair edge, BUT not everyone does.

Get Out Of Your Head

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Make An Impact

Own Who You Are

What if a 30min chat was the catalyst to you finally drawing amazing relationships INTO YOUR LIFE?


- You're not ready to take responsibility for your growth (I'll know the instant I speak to you).

- You want quick-fixes and band-aid solutions

- You expected not to be challenged or confronted at times

- Not going to put in the effort/work to really own your progress

- Care about results over substance and don't value the coaching relationship

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